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</noinclude>{{InfoBox|title={{#switch: {{{language|}}}   
</noinclude>{{InfoBox|title={{#switch: {{{language|}}}   
  | Lang-Chinese =
  | Lang-Chinese =注意
  | Lang-Portuguese =Observação
  | Lang-Portuguese =Observação
| Lang-Japanese=注
  | #default = Note
  | #default = Note

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This template adds a "note" to an article.

Note: using the equals (=) and pipe (|) characters inside the template parameters prevents them working properly. These characters should be replaced with the &#61; and &#124; codes respectively.


{{Note|your text}}

Optional parameters:

  • language: The language category of the natural language the template is to display in. By default English
    For example {{Note|language=Lang-Chinese|your text}}


The Note title text has been translated to a number of languages (Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese). New languages can be added to the switch (see Help:Extension:ParserFunctions for more information).


Note.pngNote: {{{1}}}

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