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This template is for listing all Windows Phone categories in a DPL filter - used globally where a platform filter is needed..

Internal use only.

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What should be in here?

Possibly most of the following.

Animation on Windows Phone|App Marketing for Windows Phone|Application Framework on Windows Phone|Audio on Windows Phone|Base/System on Windows Phone|Bluetooth on Windows Phone|Books for Windows Phone|Camera on Windows Phone|Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit|Coding4Fun Toolkit|Competitions on Windows Phone|Connectivity on Windows Phone|Debugging on Windows Phone|Deployment/Installation on Windows Phone|Design and User Experience for Windows Phone|DirectX|Emulator for Windows Phone|Files/Data on Windows Phone|Games on Windows Phone|General Programming on Windows Phone|Getting Started on Windows Phone|Graphics on Windows Phone|Imaging on Windows Phone|In-App Advertising on Windows Phone|In-App Purchasing on Windows Phone|Localization on Windows Phone|Location on Windows Phone|Maps on Windows Phone|Messaging on Windows Phone|MonoGame|Multi-Platform Development and Windows Phone|Multimedia on Windows Phone|NFC on Windows Phone|Networking on Windows Phone|Nokia MixRadio API on Windows Phone|Optimization on Windows Phone|PIM on Windows Phone|Porting Windows Phone and Qt|Porting on Windows Phone|Power Management on Windows Phone|Programming Idioms on Windows Phone|Roadmap for Windows Phone|Rx|Security on Windows Phone|Sensor on Windows Phone|System Information on Windows Phone|Technical Resources/Services for Windows Phone|Telephony on Windows Phone|Telerik RadControls|Testing on Windows Phone|Themes on Windows Phone|Tools for Windows Phone|UI on Windows Phone|Video on Windows Phone|Voice/Speech on Windows Phone|Web Apps on Windows Phone|Web Services on Windows Phone|Windows 8|Windows Phone|Windows Phone 7.5|Windows Phone 8|Windows Phone 8.1|Windows Phone Development Frameworks|Windows Phone Platform Versions|Windows Phone Portals|Windows Phone Toolkit|XAML|XML on Windows Phone|XNA|

Possibly missing

This removes the below categories from the above search (copy paste list from below to test as "nottitlematch"). Result should include "Windows 8" which is not a windows phone category.

Multi-Platform Development and Windows Phone|Nokia MixRadio API on Windows Phone|Windows 8|Windows Phone 8.1|Windows Phone Portals|


The default template does ...

category=Animation on Windows Phone¦App Marketing for Windows Phone¦Application Framework on Windows Phone¦Audio on Windows Phone¦Base/System on Windows Phone¦Bluetooth on Windows Phone¦Books for Windows Phone¦Camera on Windows Phone¦Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit¦Coding4Fun Toolkit¦Competitions on Windows Phone¦Connectivity on Windows Phone¦Debugging on Windows Phone¦Deployment/Installation on Windows Phone¦Design and User Experience for Windows Phone¦DirectX¦Emulator for Windows Phone¦Files/Data on Windows Phone¦Games on Windows Phone¦General Programming on Windows Phone¦Getting Started on Windows Phone¦Graphics on Windows Phone¦Imaging on Windows Phone¦In-App Advertising on Windows Phone¦In-App Purchasing on Windows Phone¦Localization on Windows Phone¦Location on Windows Phone¦Maps on Windows Phone¦Messaging on Windows Phone¦MonoGame¦Multi-Platform Development and Windows Phone¦Multimedia on Windows Phone¦NFC on Windows Phone¦Networking on Windows Phone¦Nokia Music API on Windows Phone¦Optimization on Windows Phone¦PIM on Windows Phone¦Porting Windows Phone and Qt¦Porting on Windows Phone¦Power Management on Windows Phone¦Programming Idioms on Windows Phone¦Roadmap for Windows Phone¦Rx¦Security on Windows Phone¦Sensor on Windows Phone¦System Information on Windows Phone¦Technical Resources/Services for Windows Phone¦Telephony on Windows Phone¦Telerik RadControls¦Testing on Windows Phone¦Themes on Windows Phone¦Tools for Windows Phone¦UI on Windows Phone¦Video on Windows Phone¦Voice/Speech on Windows Phone¦Web Apps on Windows Phone¦Web Services on Windows Phone¦Windows Phone¦Windows Phone 7.5¦Windows Phone 8¦Windows Phone Development Frameworks¦Windows Phone Platform Versions¦Windows Phone Portals¦Windows Phone Toolkit¦XAML¦XML on Windows Phone¦XNA

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