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This template lists portal pages which link against the current (or specified) page. It is an experimental template for determining if we can get better "related topic" matching than is provided by categories.

Internal use only.

This template uses Template:AddPortalIcon.dpl.default to define the mapping between portal title and icon. Need this because the parserfunction does not seem to be expanded within DPL.



{{RelatedPortals|Target page name}}

The parameters are:

  • (optional) The first unnamed parameter is the name of the target page. If not specified, this defaults to the current page.
  • debug: (optional) Forces some debug output.
  • notcategory: (optional) Specify a category like veryunlikelycategory1 to force a refresh.


{{RelatedPortals|How to get IMEI in Java ME}}

DEBUG: Running query because we are not on Category or Portal page

  • first unnamed parameter (title): How to get IMEI in Java ME
  • Full page name: Template:RelatedPortals
  • titleparts full page name: Template:RelatedPortals
  • Links to: How to get IMEI in Java ME
  • Namespace - note only reliable on actual page (is namespace of current page not of specified page) Template

Tiles defined here

WP Metro Icon File.png


Default use on this page (should be "nothing")

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