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</noinclude>{{#if: {{{1|}}}|
</noinclude>{{#if: {{{1|}}}|
<mediaplayer{{#if:{{{width|}}}|&nbsp;width='{{{width}}}'|}}{{#if:{{{height|}}}|&nbsp;height='{{{height}}}'|}}>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v={{{1|}}}</mediaplayer>|<div style="color:red:">Enter youtube video id as first parameter</div>}}
<mediaplayer{{#if:{{{width|}}}|&nbsp; width='{{{width}}}'|}}{{#if:{{{height|}}}|&nbsp; height='{{{height}}}'|}}>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v={{{1|}}}</mediaplayer>|<div style="color:red:">Enter youtube video id as first parameter</div>}}

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This template creates a "signpost" which is used on Windows Phone portal pages as a visually attractive high level link to more detailed resources.

Internal use only.

Underconstruction.pngUnder Construction: This article is under construction and it may have outstanding issues. If you have any comments please use the comments tab.

This is intended for use by Nokia Developer moderation.


{{Sandbox3id of video}}

The parameters are:

  • height: Main title of signpost. Ideally restrict to one line

The optional parameters are:

  • width: width of video
  • height: height of video


Enter youtube video id as first parameter
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