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Created: ltomuta (25 Feb 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (27 Jul 2012)

This module gives you access for the first time to a hidden feature of N95 : the tiny accelerator (like Nokia 5500) with 3 different axes each with one hundred values!

This module deprecates the previous pyextaccel 0.9.2 module for N95, because pyextaccel using sensor API offers only 4 values in only one axis: X.

Nokia Research Center has developed a research and development library N95AccelerometerPlugin for accessing the accelerator with 3 axes!

So you must first install this library N95AccelerometerPlugin before installing aXYZ module.

In a later N95 firmware release you should be able to access the raw accelerometer data also by using the official sensor plug-in downloadable from Nokia Developer (Sensor Plug-in for 60 3rd Edition).

Now you make the light saber on the N95!

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