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Theme usability design guidelines

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Themes and Usability

Creating user-friendly themes is quite straightforward if you keep the following things in your mind:

Style:A theme is more than a background image - a theme should have a unifying idea with a consistent style and balanced colour palette.

Contrast:Mobile devices are small and the text and icons on them are even smaller - a good contrast should be provided throughout the theme, so that the icons, texts, and the focus and scrolling indicators are easy to interpret. Even the best sketches need revising and require hard-disciplined work to make them really good.


Theme Components with high Usability

Idle background

The idle background is displayed when the device is in idle mode and it can be practically anything you like or think the users of your Theme would like.

Note: There will be things on top of the idle background that have to be readable, such as the date and the time.

Preferred Idle Bg.jpg

Not Preferred Idle.jpg

Active background

Background for different applications, pop-ups, and fields

Active standby

Scalable UI

Icons and metaphors

Usable clocks, signals, and status bars

Ring Tone GuideLines For Nokia Devices

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