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Audio Theme Overview

Creating a new theme:
Step1:By selecting File -> Create New Theme from the menu.
New Theme dialog

Step2:Use the Theme name field to specify your themes name. The name can be up to 32 characters long..
Step3:Use the Theme content group to determine what the initial content of you theme will be:
Step4:If you want to create a completely new theme, select Use default Theme based on:
Step5:If you want your new theme to be based on an existing theme, select Copy an existing Theme. Selecting Browse… open a file section dialog, select the the desired theme and click OK.
Step6:Click Finish.

Create new theme1.png

S60 Audio Theme – This option allows you to create a S60 audio theme support for S60 mobile phones. You can create a audio file, text –to speech and other various options.

Create new theme3.png

If you opted to create a new Audio theme then …

Create new audio theme.png

To define the audio theme settings (see above figure), select the phone template and initial data (there several types of initial data; hiphop, minimal, orchestra, and wrong).
Phone Template : This content is for different types of phones (foldable phones , slide and etc..)
Initial Data : This data are several types of initial data; hiphop, minimal, orchestra, and wrong available for different phones.
Click Finish to complete the process.

Sounds Editor Tab

Sounds editor displays a list of sounds and a number of actions that are available for any sound when the context menu is displayed (see Figure: Sounds Editor Tab).

Browse - (also available, when double-clicked) allows you to select a sound file from the disk to be assigned to the element.

Play – opens the default system player and plays the sound inside. If there is no sound for the element, this action is disabled (default device sound).

Copy – copies the sound file to the clipboard and you can paste it anywhere into the file system.

Paste – pastes the sound from the clipboard – assigns the sound file to the appropriate element.

Clean – cleans the element – sets it to its default state.

Working with audio theme.png [[Category:[[Category:]]]]

TTS Editor Tab

Use TTS editor if you want to localize Text-to-Speech texts for more then one language. TTS editor allows easy localization of texts for a number of languages in one place (see Figure: TTS Editor Tab).

Select one or more languages you want to localise. The list of columns grows as you select languages.

Double-click the cell you want to localise and enter the text.

Select Enter to complete the changes.

You can also:

Export all TTS texts to a file.

Add/Merge the current TTS texts with ones from an earlier exported file.

Replace the current TTS texts with ones from the exported file.

Working with audio theme1.png

Audio Theme Components

Feature Text to Speech Sound
Headset connection Headset connection
Headset Disconnection Headset Disconnection
Carkit connection Carkit connection
Carkit Disconnection Carkit Disconnection
Data cable connection Data cable connection
Mic connection Mic connection
Mic Disconnection Mic Disconnection
Bt hs connection Bt hs connection
Bt cark connection Bt cark connection
Bt cark Disconnection Bt cark Disconnection
Looppset connection Looppset connection
Looppset Disconnection Looppset Disconnection
Tty connection Tty connection
Tty Disconnection Tty Disconnection
Application Integration
Name dial start Name dial start
Name dial error Name dial error
Name dial abort Name dial abort
Voice re tone Voice re tone
Voice rec start Voice rec start
Voice rec stop Voice rec stop
Audio track changed Audio track changed
Battery Low Battery Low
Battery High Battery High
Battery Charging Battery Charging
Changer disconnected Changer disconnected
Recharge Battery Recharge Battery
Wrong charger Wrong charger
Ringing tone line1 Ringing tone line1
VideoCall ringing tone VideoCall ringing tone
Ptt ringing tone Ptt ringing tone
Call end Call end
Redial complete Redial complete
Network Busy Network Busy
Network call waiting Network call waiting
Network reorder Network reorder
Network congestion Network congestion
Network Special info Network Special info
Network radio not available Network radio not available
Radio path acknowlegdge Radio path acknowlegdge
Dial Dial
Ring going Ring going
Bluetooth On Bluetooth On
Bluetooth Off Bluetooth Off
Wlan on Wlan on
Wlan off Wlan off
Network on Network on
Network off Network off
Poc on Poc on
Poc off Poc off
Usb ft start Usb ft start
Usb ft stop Usb ft stop
Generic Events
Background music Background music
Enter app grid Enter app grid
Leave app grid Leave app grid
Application grid cursor up Application grid cursor up
Application grid cursor down Application grid cursor down
Application grid cursor left Application grid cursor left
Application grid cursor right Application grid cursor right
Act idle cursor up Act idle cursor up
Act idle cursor down Act idle cursor down
Act idle cursor left Act idle cursor left
Act idle cursor right Act idle cursor right
Select item Select item
Key Related Events
Key Press Key Press
Max volume reached Max volume reached
Autolock Autolock
Power on Power on
Power off Power off
Mmm open Mmm open
Mmm select Mmm select
Options open Options open
Options cancel Options cancel
Mechanical Events
Touchpad Touchpad
Rotator Rotator
Twist open Twist open
Twist close Twist close
Slide open Slide open
Slide close Slide close
Fold open Fold open
Fold close Fold close
Swivel open Swivel close
Mmc inserted Mmc inserted
Mmc removed Mmc removed
New msg New msg
New email New email
New im New im
Msg sent Msg sent
Mode Change
Ihf activation Ihf activation
Act profile with at Act profile with at
Time Management
Calendar Calendar
Alarm Alarm


A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a mobile phone to indicate an incoming call or text message.It is also customizable.User can set different ring tone for different contact numbers.

Some Interesting Facts

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