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Threaded Conversation View Design

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There are many modes currently available via which one can communicate using a mobile device and so there are lot of ways how these communication events are arranged, assembled and shown on device. Threaded Communication is just a way these communication events are presented to user. The focus of this design is, chain of events of communication happening between user and some contact and not only a event.

Modes of Communication

The current means of communication are:

  • Call
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • E-Mail

In future there might be more ways people will be connected via mobile device. Like scrap books, blogs etc.

Current Scenario

Currently while managing events, focus is just one event type. Every event type is handled in different section for individual communication means. For example:

  • Calls are maintained under Incoming, Out going and Missed call
  • SMS are maintained in Inbox, Sent, Outbox and Draft
  • E-Mails are managed in a different sections too.

Points to be notice

  • This design has in focus the event type. If you look from the point of view of object orientation, here object is individual event. And there are different manager for each type of event.
  • Contact are not priorities in communication. Also contact from Contact book is taken as separate entity than that of emails.While both might be same for most of contact.
  • In this scenario, if some one need to trace all communication between self and some person, he/she needs to jump from incoming calls to out going to inbox SMS to sent SMS and there also need to search among other events.

Threaded View Design

In threaded view design, communication is given more priority than the just a event.


  • All communication is managed at one place, under some thing like Communication Manager.
  • Communication Manager will have list of thread per contact. A thread will be started when any communication event occur.
  • All communications with a Contact will be appended to the thread for the contact as events.
  • Communication threads can be sorted on basis of time of last activity on the thread
  • Each Item in a thread can be deleted individually or whole thread it self can be deleted
  • Each item can open in special handler for that item or can expand in the thread it self to show the details.
  • While replying to the contact of the thread, prompt will be provided asking for means to reply, that can be call, SMS, MMS, or e-mail

Design Images

List of threads inside Communication Manager

Image shows the list of threads arranged on basis of last event time in Communication Manager

Inline expansion for last event inside Communication Manager

Image shows inline expansion for last event.

View of a thread of events from one contact

Image shows view for events in a thread

Points to be notice

  • Tracing and managing communications will be very easy.
  • Can be used as chat over SMS or E-Mail.
  • In future, other things like blogs, scraps, comments from web pages can be linked to this threading mechanism.
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