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Title Pane Touch Observer API

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ID   Creation date  October 25, 2008
Platform  S60 5th Edition Tested on devices  
Category  Symbian C++ Subcategory  

Keywords (APIs, classes, methods, functions): CAknTitlePane, MAknTitlePaneObserver, HandleTitlePaneEventL(), TAknTitlePaneEvents, EAknTitlePaneTapped


Title Pane Touch Observer API allows an application to observe the user tapping on the title pane. An example use for this API would be to restore a default application view when the user taps on the title pane. The key interface is MAknTitlePaneObserver with only one method HandleTitlePaneEventL(), which should be implemented in order to handle application title pane tapping.

MMP file

LIBRARY avkon.lib

Header file

#include <akntitlepaneobserver.h>
class CSampleAppUi : public CAknAppUi, public MAknTitlePaneObserver
* From MAknTitlePaneObserver

void HandleTitlePaneEventL(TInt aEventID);

Source file

#include <eikspane.h>
#include <akntitle.h>
// AppUi second-phase constructor
void CSampleAppUi::ConstructL()
// Call CAknAppUi::StatusPane() which returns CEikStatusPane*
CEikStatusPane* statusPane = StatusPane();
if (statusPane)
// Title pane UID
TUid titlePaneUid;
titlePaneUid.iUid = EEikStatusPaneUidTitle;
// Get pointer to CAknTitlePane object
CAknTitlePane* titlePane = (CAknTitlePane*) statusPane->ControlL(titlePaneUid);
// Set this AppUi object as the observer of the title pane
// Implementation of the observer interface
void CSampleAppUi::HandleTitlePaneEventL(TInt aEventID)
// Although at the moment EAknTitlePaneTapped
// is the only one value in the TAknTitlePaneEvents enumeration,
// we should consider that later that enumeration could be extended
if (aEventID == EAknTitlePaneTapped)
// Custom action on title pane tapping event
// No implementation's required at the moment


Actions on title pane are observed.

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