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Toolkits and Libraries for Windows Phone

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This article contains links to toolkits and libraries that community members have found useful for Windows Phone development.

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There are an enormous number of libraries and toolkits for Silverlight (.NET) that can be used while developing Windows Phone applications. This article lists libraries that have been found useful by members of this community (see discussion boards).

Almost like a never ending list it may, over time, contain projects that are outdated. Although it is a comprehensive list, it may not suffice all development needs. In such a case it is recommended to search internet, particularly the following sites - Nokia Projects, codeplex and GitHub. It would be great if a library worthy of this list could be recommended and added, as and when discovered/developed.

UI controls and components

Name Location License Description Wiki Topics
The Windows Phone Toolkit (formerly known as Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit) codeplex Ms-PL Official set of UI components for Windows Phone apps Silverlight Tookit for Windows Phone (Overview)

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth (EBook) ("how to use" book)

Coding4Fun Tools codeplex Ms-PL Large number of useful community-created tools Color Picker control in Windows Phone
Windows Phone Controls codeplex Ms-PL Community-created tools (Calendar) Search
Tile toolkit codeplex Ms-PL A flexible library aiming to help Windows Phone developers to have neat and native looking tiles for th
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