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Tooltip usability

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* How to [[Show tool tips in Qt]]?
* How to [[Show tool tips in Qt]]?
[[Icon Menu]]

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Tooltip can be described as a small label or text that appears next to a tool/control when the user pauses over it. The tooltip is typically a one-or-two-word text which describe what the control/view is. Tooltips are handy when a you have multiple tabs in application and user scroll through these tabs using left and right arrow keys.


Some usability guidelines for tooltip

  • The tooltip text should be kept small limiting to one or two words only.
  • Should not use symbols and punctuation in the tooltip text.
  • Tooltip should be visible for 3-5 secs when the user hovers over a button/tool and should be turned off after that.
  • Should be really useful for novice users.

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