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Treeview Usability

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Created: naresh99 (29 Jun 2009)
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Navigation is one of the most important part of any application which allows users to find what they want easily & quickly. A tree view is a graphical user interface that presents a hierarchical view of information. Each item (often called a branch or a node) can have a number of sub items. Tree View Represents a control that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure that has items that can expand and collapse.

With a TreeView control the information is displayed in a hierarchy. It is efficient in the number of clicks needed to find information.An item can be expanded to reveal sub items, if any exist, and collapsed to hide sub items. We have often seen TreeView in File manager type of applications. Where user navigates the file system directories.

A typical tree structure has only one root node but It can also possible to add multiple root nodes to tree structure depends on application requirement.

TreeView provides following features

  • Data binding that allows the nodes of the control to be bound
  • Node text that can be displayed as either plain text or hyperlinks.
  • Hierarchical presentation of data.

If a TreeView contains many items, the amount of time it takes to load may cause a significant delay in the user interface. Displaying a large number of items may cause performance issues.


TreeView usability Guidelines

  • In case of your application requires to display item listing by product categories, you can use tree view.
  • A tree view can be used If an application require to disply the directory structure of a file system,
  • To list the songs available in mobile device, by categories like artiest, album name, tree view is useful.
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