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Universal Plug and Play is a set of network protocol used to provide simple and direct connection between devices regardless the infrastructure used. UPnP is based on standard protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, XML and others. These protocols are used to IP addressing, communication between devices and transference of informations.

UPnP allows any compatible device join a network, obtain an IP address, advertise its services and get informed about the presence of other devices dynamically without the need of setting up a network.

In mobile phones the IP address comes from the telecoms operator that phone is connected to and always uses dynamic addressing which changes with every connection. Often these addresses are allocated locally and are not true Internet addresses. The UDP plug on phones usually connects via an adapter and acts as a passive device for storage of photos and downloaded media for uploading onto other devices.

UPnP is described as a sequence of actions:

  • Addressing
  • Discovery
  • Description
  • Control
  • Event notification
  • Presentation


UPnP Forum

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