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URI Association Schemes List

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This article provides a catalog of known URI schema and associations.

Tip.pngTip: Add the schemes for your own apps below! If your app URI is used it boosts discovery of your app and results in more downloads and users.

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Platform(s): Windows Phone 8.0 and later
Windows Phone 8
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Apps that register to handle (are associated with) a particular URI scheme can be launched from email, NFC tags, and other apps using the URI. Apps can additionally use parameters specified with their URI to open with additional context - for example a calendar app might open in the view for a specific month, a map app might open at a specific location, or a music app might open with song for a particular artist.

At time of writing the URI-to-app associations for the inbuilt apps and operating system have been documented. However there is no central registry for finding out URI associations and parameters for marketplace applications.

This article is intended as a place where developers can both find out URI schemes for other apps, and also link to the documentation for their own app schema.

Marketplace app schemes

Developer-supported schemes

This section is for URI schemes that developers have documented and committed to maintain. Add schemes with official documentation (and your own apps!)

URI App name Description/Link to documentation
super8 Super 8 More than 50 tools in one, and start menu is back.
cooltiles Cool Tiles More than 40 tools in one, and you can design tiles for tools.
metrotube Metrotube Launch Metrotube's YouTube player from within your app
GeoPhoto GeoPhoto Launch to show photos on map
instagraph Instagraph Instagraph (Instagram™ sharing app) custom URI schema
wpcentral WPCentral Windows Phone Central direct URI schema
Pouch Pouch Pouch for Windows Phone direct URI schema
metrotour MetroTour MetroTour URI Protocol
spotify Spotify Linking to Spotify
mehdoh Mehdoh Mehdoh URI schema
pictureslab Pictures Lab Pictures Lab URI schema
gmaps gMaps gMaps URI schema
Geosense Geosense Geo URI schema
ts-keyring Keyring Keyring URI schema - safely store your logins and passwords on your phone - now with NFC.
me-zeitungen Newspapers Newspapers URI schema - read newspapers around the world
sixtag 6tag How to upload a picture on instagram from your app using 6tag
reedability Reedability Reedability URI schema/protocol - unofficial Readability.com client
My 500px My 500px My 500px Free My 500px URI schema View/search/upload photos to 500px

Unofficial schemes

This section is for schemes where the support of the developer has not been verified (for example, a scheme found on the Internet). Note that these are used at your own risk, and may change without notice.

URI App name Description/Link to documentation
fb Facebook The "fb:" scheme as works on other platform but other details/parameters don't. No official documentation.
vnd.youtube YouTube http://www.rudyhuyn.com/blog/2013/05/23/how-to-launch-the-official-youtube-app-from-your-app/
fancy Fancy Launch app with "fancy:"
whatsapp WhatsApp Launch app with "whatsapp:"
viber Viber Launch app with "viber:"
wikipedia Wikipedia Launch app with "wikipedia:"
Battery Battery Launch app with "battery:"

Nokia URI Schemes

URI App name Description/Link to documentation
nokia-music Nokia Music Launch the Nokia Music app. Parameters can be used to specify artists, genre etc to be searched on open. See Nokia Music app-to-app protocol for Windows Phone 8 and official documentation for the API in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library
directions HERE Maps For routing use cases. See HERE Launchers API documentation in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library.
explore-maps HERE Maps For exploring map and map services. See HERE Launchers API documentation in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library.
guidance-drive HERE Drive For drive navigation. See HERE Launchers API documentation in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library.
guidance-walk HERE Drive For walk navigation. See HERE Launchers API documentation in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library.
places HERE Maps For showing places. See HERE Launchers API documentation in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library.
public-transit HERE Transit For public transit related use cases. See HERE Launchers API documentation in the Nokia Lumia Developer Library.

Official "General" URI schemes

This is for URI schemes that are not necessarily reserved for a particular app, but which are known to be launched by them.

URI App name Description/Link to documentation
ms-drive-to:? HERE Drive + Beta How to request driving or walking directions for Windows Phone 8
ms-walk-to:? HERE Maps How to request driving or walking directions for Windows Phone 8

Reserved URL name schemes

Reserved URL names schemes for the in-built apps and operating system are documented in Reserved file and URI associations for Windows Phone 8#Reserved URI scheme names and URI schemes for launching built-in apps for Windows Phone 8 on the Dev Center. Note that when a reserved URI is launched only the built-in app or handler will launch. Any attempt to register an app with one of the following URI scheme names is ignored.

The information is reproduced below for completeness (but has been "collapsed"). We recommend you check the above links.

Reserved for built-in apps

URI Description
bing -
callto -
dtmf -
http:[URL] Launches web browser and navigates to specified URL
https:[URL] Launches web browser and navigates to specified URL
mailto:[email address] - Launches the email app and creates a new message with the specified email address on the To line. Note that the email is not sent until the user taps send.
office -
maps -
onenote -
tel -
wallet -
xbls -
zune Launches Windows Phone Store - parameters documented here
ms-excel -
ms-powerpoint -
ms-word -
ms-settings-accounts Launches Account Settings app.
ms-settings-airplanemode Launches Airplane Mode Settings app.
ms-settings-bluetooth Launches Bluetooth Settings app.
ms-settings-cellular Launches Cellular Settings app.
ms-settings-emailandaccounts Launches Email and Accounts Settings app.
ms-settings-location Launches Location Settings app.
ms-settings-lock Launches Lock Settings app.
ms-settings-power Launches the Battery Saver settings app.
ms-settings-screenrotation Launches the Screen Rotation settings app.
ms-settings-wifi Launches Wifi Settings app.

Reserved for the operating system

Custom URI Description
Jscript -
Javascript -
Res -
rlogin -
StickyNotes -
telnet -
tn3270 -
Vbscript -
windowsmediacenterapp -
windowsmediacenterssl -
windowsmediacenterweb -
File -
Iehistory -
Ierss -
WMP11.AssocProtocol.MMS -
Explorer.AssocActionId.BurnSelection -
Explorer.AssocActionId.CloseSession -
Explorer.AssocActionId.EraseDisc -
Explorer.AssocActionId.ZipSelection -
Explorer.AssocProtocol.search-ms -
Explorer.BurnSelection -
Explorer.CloseSession -
Explorer.EraseDisc -
Explorer.ZipSelection -
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