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Usability & Design Resources

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Most of these articles can be found on Nokia Developer.  
Most of these articles can be found on Nokia Developer.  

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Most of these articles can be found on Nokia Developer.


[edit] S60

S60 UI Style Guide (PDF) (archived): Just what it sounds like.

Design and User Experience Library

[edit] Games

Turn Limitations into Strengths: Design one Button Games (PDF): Short but useful article with reference to an old Gamasutra article/tutorial and a great quote by Noah Falstein “When you find yourself constrained by a difficult circumstance or combination of limitations in design, look for a solution that turns those very limitations into a fun solution. Try to make the limitations work in your favor, not against you.”

Game Design (Design and User Experience Library)

Designing Single-Player Mobile Game (PDF) : Interesting little white paper discussing theoretical and practical issues in the design of single player games for mobile devices.

Mobile Game Playability Heuristics (PDF) : An introduction to heuristics as they apply to mobile games.

Mobile Game Graphics – Overcoming the Small Screen Challenge: Best practices and visual examples related to designing games for small screens.

[edit] Java ME

User Experience Checklist for Java ME Applications(PDF): A good reference with headings to indicate which checklist items apply best to which OS or type of application (ie. games etc.) Lots of good stuff including handy tips like “Application has been tested with actual end-users, not just in-house developers, The user is not forced to guess the right format for information and Obscenity or foul language is not used.” LOL!

[edit] Mobile Web

Designing XHTML MP Content (PDF): Includes a checklist of “top guidelines for optimizing mobile XHTML services” as well as details on each XHTML MP element. Found through the [W3C Mobile Web Best Pactices] reference section.

Nokia Web Browser Design Guide: A 5 part series discussing features, design and best practices in development for the Nokia mobile browser.(A PDF version is also available.)

Browsing on Mobile Phones: Short paper from Nokia discussing usability as it relates to mobile web content and the Opera-style single column layout.

[edit] Culture and Internationalization

Usability Culturally Speaking: Short paper by Nokia introducing common issues such as differences in text direction, colour usage, iconography, number and date conventions etc.

[edit] Books on Mobile Design

Designing for Small Screens by by Carola Zwick and Burkhard Schmitz is a good introduction to visual and interaction design for small screens. Includes lots of great visuals!

Mobile Interaction Design by Matt Jones and Gary Marsden includes a good history of mobile design as well as in-depth guidelines and case studies.

Personal Content Experience: Managing Digital Life in the Mobile Age by Juha Lehikoinen, Ilkka Saminen, Antti Aaltonen , Pertti Huuskonen (all from Nokia) Includes a chapter on UI and interaction design. --yiibu_steph 18:49, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

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