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User-data security design guidelines

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Applications should give high priority to user data and should not modify, delete or broadcast it. OEMs should also release the device with preloaded antivirus software.

A checklist for user data security

  • Users data like images, videos, messages, contacts should not be altered without their permission.
  • Access point information should not be modified without informing user.
  • For using GPRS, user confirmation should be taken.
  • Sending background SMS should be discouraged.
  • Secure information like Password should be encrypted.
  • Users should be given permission to delete their private data.
  • Users should be encouraged to take backup of their private data.
  • Application's sensitive data should be created in the private folder of the application, so that it is not accessible to other applications.
  • While sending data to the web, it would be pertinent to notify the user of the vulnerability of the data in case there exists one.
  • While deleting any data through the UI always display a confirmation dialog to the user to avoid inadvertant delete of data.
  • Allow some kind of backup/restore mechanism for application which contains lot of sensitive user data.
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