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Using Bluetooth with S60 and Maemo Platforms

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(S60 Platform)
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== S60 Platform ==
== S60 Platform ==
[http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/64a34a8d-e65b-4a42-b9ae-dfcf5fe00426/S60_Platform_Bluetooth_API_Developers_Guide_v2_0_en.pdf.html    S60 Platform: Bluetooth API Developer's Guide v2.0]
[http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/64a34a8d-e65b-4a42-b9ae-dfcf5fe00426/S60_Platform_Bluetooth_API_Developers_Guide_v2_0_en.pdf.html    Bluetooth API Developer's Guide v2.0]
[[Bluetooth Engine API]]
[[Bluetooth Engine API]]

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Bluetooth Overview

Comparing S60 and Maemo Platforms

S60 Platform

Bluetooth API Developer's Guide v2.0

Bluetooth Engine API

A simple way of discovering and selecting a single Bluetooth device

Bluetooth OBEX Example v1.0

Bluetooth Point-to-Multipoint Example v2.0

Maemo Platform

Maemo support

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