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Using RGA with Carbide.c++

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Created: ebra (24 Jun 2008)
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This article shows the steps required to create a new RGA project for Carbide.c++.

Creating a new project

  • Create a new project using Open C "Hello World" template.

RGA 2.png

RGA 3.png

RGA 4.png

  • Application UID must be from the secure range because we need capabilities.

RGA 5.png

Configuring environment

  • Add library Runtime

RGA 6.png

  • Add capability SwEvent

RGA 7.png

  • Add system include \epoc32\include\rga

RGA 8.png

RGA 9.png

RGA 11.png

RGA 10.png



Simple RGA application

Open C/C++ Plug-ins for S60 3rd Edition

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