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Series 40
Created: rebloor (17 Aug 2010)
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Series 40 Flash Lite applications will work on the Touch and Type UI of Series 40 6th Edition, Feature Pack 1 with no program changes. This is because the Touch and Type UI returns standard mouse pointer press, move, and release events when the user interacts with a control. However, because interaction with the screen is intended to be with a thumb, some controls may need to be resized to ensure the user can operate them effectively.

In addition, a Series 40 specific Gesture MMI is available also. This MMI supports the flick gesture through Event@GestureFlick. This event returns:

  • x position.
  • y position.
  • horizontal speed (pixels per sec).
  • vertical speed (pixels per sec).
  • flick angle (radians).
  • speed (pixels per sec to the angle).

Using this information it is possible to enhance Flash Lite applications to provide kinetic scrolling in the UI or other effects appropriate to the user making a flick gesture.

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