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Using the assets created by marketing in a box

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This article explains how to use the various assets that are generated by the Digital Marketing Tool in Marketing in a Box.



Marketing in a Box provides guidance and tools for developers to successfully market their application. It primarily consists of two things:

  1. Marketing Guidance
  2. Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing Guidance provides you various tips that provides guidance on how to successfully generate large number of downloads (correspondingly revenue) for an application.For more information,check out the marketing guidance pdf here.

Digital Marketing tools provides you 4 different types of assets for the purpose of marketing. They include:

  1. Video
  2. Web Page
  3. Facebook tab page
  4. Banners

There are various ways in which you can use these assets once created.It depends on your creativity. Some of the most common ways are listed below for each asset.



The video generated via the Digital Marketing Tool is directly published into your youtube account.Videos are the best way to capture your audience's attention.The Digital Marketing Tool enables you to create videos in over 8 languages.

Social networking sites are the best place to share this video.Make sure you reach out to as many people as possible. Nothing can beat the time tested "Word-of-mouth" marketing strategy.Hence ask your friends to share the video if they like it. A potential user would prefer to use an application which his/her friend is recommending than an unknown application.

If the video "goes viral", it will automatically boost your downloads beyond proportion. You can expect exponential growth all of a sudden. If you plan on spending money for your app,you can also consider video advertising.

Web Page


A webpage for your application becomes a must for various reasons.You can use it to showcase lot of things like app gallery,customer support etc. You need not be a web expert to in order to create a good looking website. Thanks to Nokia's Marketing in a Box, you would have obtained a nice looking web page ready with the digital marketing toolkit.

Next step is to host the webpage in a domain.You can either buy a domain or get a free domain.Once you have obtained a domain,simply upload the web asset into the server and the website for your app will be ready.

Populating your website (for beginners)

If you are familiar with web technologies,then I highly recommend you to skip to the next paragraph.If hosting is new to you,I will give a short intro to this topic without getting much into the complex details.

The process of getting the web asset into your website requires just three simple steps:

  1. Once you have obtained a website ,say, you will be provided a ftp account to login.Login to it using an FTP client.
  2. You may have a folder like public_html ,where you can put the contents of your website.Copy-paste your website code here.
  3. You may, if you wish, create a subdirectory for your app and copy paste the content there.

Tip.pngTip: The HTML file obtained through the web asset is called kit.html.It is recommended that you change the name for better readability.

Your website would now have the contents that you have obtained via the Digital Marketing Tool.

Facebook Tab


In this present world scenario, social networking is very dominant. Take it to your advantage. An active social site can determine the success or failure of your application. The Digital Marketing Tool provides a facebook tab page that caters to this need.

In order to use the facebook tab,you will need to have a facebook page.Creating a facebook page is simple.Equally so is the process of creating a facebook tab.

Detailed instructions on creating a facebook tab is given here.

It is important that you include features for social relation. The user must be able to like your facebook page from within the application.This allows you to keep in touch with your loyal customers.

It is also important to make sure that you understand customer needs and difficulties.These are best met with the help of social networking sites.A simple poll on your facebook page can help you determine what are the next steps to be taken to make your application better.

If you are in need of a complex & anonymous poll, you can as well create a google doc and use it for taking the poll.Use the data obtained wisely to make conscious decisions about your applications.This facility, if provided within Digital Marketing toolkit,would be of great use.



Banners are provided by the Digital Marketing tool in three or four different variants, namely:

  1. MMA mobile web banners
  2. IAB online banners
  3. Spotlight size(only for S40)
  4. Nokia Ad exchange

MMA mobile web banner sizes are a standard used for mobile advertisements. You can use these banners for mobile advertising provided by various companies.

IAB online banner size are the standard used for web based advertisements. You can use these for creating an ad in your blog,website etc.

Spotlight size is a specific variant that is used only for promotion of S40 apps. Update the spotlight banner in your Nokia publisher account for the corresponding application.

The Nokia Ad exchange size are used for promotion in Nokia Ad exchange. It is a free service that is being offered to developers to generate revenue via In-app advertising.


Marketing in a Box is a great tool provided by Nokia.All the marketing requirements of the developer can be easily met via Marketing in a Box. This article talks about the various ways in which the four assets generated via the Digital Marketing Toolkit can be used.

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