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View usability

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It is posible in Symbian Os, to define multiple views for a single application, and switch between views. An application can present data or content of application to the user in different views. Each view has its own identifier & application can switch between views according to the user actions. Best use of View is to use in Applicatoin which has complex form navigation path. To show multiple forms categorywise. For example, Application can show user personal data (name, surname, age) in one form. User's profession details(company name, designation) in another view.

Some usability guideline for view are

  • Application must handle view switching.
  • It will provide you calling methods when to activate or deactive view.
  • allow you to save view data.
  • you can send data to other appliation's views also such as URL to a web browser.
  • You can easily change your view classes & easily add new views.
  • view can define as a class that has all the responsibility of displaying content.

Some view examples are

view example

view example

view example

view example

view example

  • You can also switch to an external application view,such as browser or calender. Also application can pass parameters to them.Switching between to views requires a lot of thought and code to control everything that must be changed, updated, saved and drawn.
  • To create a view we still have to derive it from CCoeControl class for displaying data and it should be derived from an interface class called MCoeView to create view. MCoeView interface has virtual functions which should be called by the view architecture to register a view, to get its identifier and switch from one view to another. Developer has to remvoe view from event stack & has to destroy them in destructor.
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