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VoIP Applications

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Different VoIP applications on the Symbian platform

Due to the cost reduction of voice transmission through packet-switched networks in the VoIP technology, the growth of VoIP has been very fruitful. And VoIP has come to Symbian with many big names implementing it.

Limitations of VOIP on branded operator locked phones

Users should note that some telecom operators have paid for the VoIP feature to be disabled. Therefore, loading Nokia and other third-party products may not work.

Following are some of the VoIP applications on the Symbian platform:


Nokia has provided its VoIP solution in some of the Nseries and Eseries devices. Nokia N95 is the recent device which has Nokia's VoIP-2.1 version. The following links give more information about the configuration and other technical information about Nokia's VoIP.

Nokia VoIP Framework 2.0

Nokia S60 VoIP Implementation Configuration Tutorial


TruPhone This is a very simple setup using two SMS messages. The registration SMS text from the user phone, which you receive a preconfigured SMS link to load the S60 3rd Ed SIS over your WLAN connection.

The second SMS is sent from the SIS install and requests the TruPhone number. The next text message contains Truphone number and password, when you complete registration on-line at website you get (two) £2 GBP pounds of credit on each registered phone.

The main advantages are free call between TruPhone users and some other providers, free SMS text between Truphone users. Automatic disconnect and reconnect at any pre-configured WLAN.

The only thing users need to do is open ports on the WLAN, as described in the TruPhone Help.

The most useful thing during testing is this TruPhone software works on unlocked prepay Nokia N95 and Nokia E61 on the same WLAN router, making for easy setup.

Get a friend to register and set up phones together put each other in your contacts when they get back home the set up the broadband router as described in the TruPhone Help and phone for free. Sometimes the service numbers dont work, but the phones still to connect. The quality of the call depends on WLAN/broadband speed in a similar way to Skype. Video calls are not supported.

Limited offer from TruPhone There seems free national and international calls between TruPhone users during 2007 though this has not been tested.


Fring is a free mobile VoIP software that lets you talk and live chat (IM) using your device's Internet connection instead of costly mobile airtime (GSM) minutes.

Download Fring for Symbian Phones


HelloSoft Launches VoIP on Symbian OS

HelloSoft provides the most power-efficient VoIP solutions on wireline and wireless devices and it provides its VoIP solution on Symbian devices as well. HelloSoft’s IMS/VCC stack enables seamless hand-off between cellular and Wi-Fi networks for multi-mode devices.


SIPquest Brings Mobile VoIP Applications to Symbian OS Smartphones

SIPquest is the leading developer of Converged Multimedia Client software for desktop, Wi-Fi, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) environments.

Gizmo Project

Gizmo Project was acquired by Google and it has been now discontinued.

Flashphone Project

Flashphone VoIP is from Innovative Systems of Communication. Flashphone allows to make calls right from the web page. Mobile version of service can be used on Windows Mobile devices. Will be available on Symbian after Flash Lite 3 release.


Switch2Voip VoIP is a VoIP provider that allows you to make worldwide calls at low cost featuring calls to USA, UK and Canada under 1 cent per minute, mostly used by business Switch2Voip is available for Symbian, you can see more details on how to configure it on your mobile phone here . --

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