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WISE Syncronization Logic

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* [[WISE Protocol]]
* [[WISE Protocol]]

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  • Every device sets the time frame when it is available for synchronization by setting the start time and duration.

WISE 18.png


  • In this example every device has the same starting time for synchronization. Each device starts the process by running as a client and searching for available servers.
  • None of them finds an available server and sleeps for a while (random time between MIN time and MAX time).
  • Next the devices start a server service and wait for clients. If no client tries to connect within a wait time the device sleeps again and tries to find a server again. The server's wait time varies randomly between MIN time and MAX time.
  • The random times should cause the devices to be in a condition where one device is running as a server and another is running as a client.
  • A synchronization is then run between the devices

WISE 17.png


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