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Why Usability

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When you are considering of getting a new application for your handset you might want to try it out first. Imagine that it has an icon that you think will, for example, open up saved data. Instead it does something a whole different. Or that you just can’t find the feature you are looking for. Would you still want to purchase it? Or what if the application uses such terms you can not understand? Would you want to purchase it? Would you like to use the application?

The main goals of usability are to ensure a pleasant user experience that doesn’t stress your memory, to have an understandable user interface, simple enough to be learnt without help. Together these features make the application more appealing to the customers. They also improve the overall quality of the application. And it is a known fact that a happy customer is to come back to you!

Functionality: The user interface and features have to support the task the user wants to perform. • Discoverability: The user should be able to use the application without help or tutoring. • Efficiency: Users memory shouldn’t be stressed. All features should be easily accessible with only a few key strokes. • Accessibility: Users are a heterogeneous group of people with different skills and needs. The application should offer enough challenge for the experts but at the same time it should be easy enough to use for the novice users. • Delight: On top of all this, the user should experience subjective satisfaction when using the application.

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