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==Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)==  
==Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)==  
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Getting Started with Nokia Asha SDK Templates|image=Composed-ui-1.png|width=150|week=Week 24th - June 9th 2013}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Nokia notifications on the Asha software platform|image=Nokiawiki_asha_notifications_device.png|width=150|week=Week 25th - June 16th 2013}}
  <!-------------------------Video Section Ends---------------------->
  <!-------------------------Video Section Ends---------------------->
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<!--------------------------Right column ends-------------------------->

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Welcome to the Nokia Developer Wiki, home to 9071 community created articles, code examples, and other resources for developing on Nokia's Windows Phone (Lumia), Nokia Asha and HERE Location platforms (and all our other service and legacy platforms too).

The wiki is easy to use, but if you do need help there is plenty of guidance in the Help or from our discussion board. Content improvements are welcomed, and significant contribution is rewarded through the Wiki Contributor of the Month program.

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Contributors of the Week

Thanks to the community members who contributed over the last week (image courtesy of Wordle). Somnath deserves mention for verifying and updating a huge number of his Windows Phone 7 articles to Windows Phone 8. The downside of this is that other great contributions from pavan.pareta , bintk , saramgsilva and theothernt and others are not so visible in the wordle.


For more detail see Wiki contributor of the week#10 June 2013

COM winner for May: Thomas Schmidt

Green Ribbon.gif

Thomas Schmidt (influencer ) has been selected as COM winner for the month of May.

Thomas was primarily selected for all his work supporting other developers on the wiki across a number of months - for example by updating key "shared" documents like Toolkits and Libraries for Windows Phone and suggesting and making improvements to numerous other articles - you can see all his contributions and new articles here.

We'll be sending Thomas a a bright red Lumia 820. Please join me in congratulating him on the discussion boards.

Thomas was up against tough competition - we'd also like to give an "honourable mention" to a few other great contributors: bintk , saramgsilva , this_is_ridiculous , dan.ardelean , pavan.pareta and Vaishali Rawat . Next month we've got another bright red Lumia 820 for our Wiki Contributor of the Month. That could be one of our great contributors from last month or it could be you: all you need to do is contribute useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or significantly shape up the existing ones!

More Announcements...

Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)

Splatting 2D blood in games built with MonoGame by this_is_ridiculous

Blood decals 1.PNG

This article explains how to build a very simple 2D texture mapping system for games built with MonoGame

See Featured Articles for other great articles from the community.

Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)

Nokia notifications on the Asha software platform by jappit

Nokiawiki asha notifications device.png

This article explains how to implement and use the Nokia Notifications API (for Java) on the Nokia Asha software platform.

See Featured Articles for other great articles from the community.

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