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==Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)==
==Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)==
<!---------------------Featured Article of the Week Description Starts------------------> __NOEDITSECTION__
<!---------------------Featured Article of the Week Description Starts------------------> __NOEDITSECTION__
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|How to run a successful beta test on Windows Phone|image=BetaTestingWPapps_FoundbiteBeta_wp_ss_20131020_0001.png|width=150|week=Week 45th- November 3rd 2013}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|NFC Questions - a text based game for Windows Phone|image=NFCQuestions_ss03_480x800.png|width=150|week=Week 46th- November 10th 2013}}
<!----------------------Featured Article of the Week Description Ends-------------------->
<!----------------------Featured Article of the Week Description Ends-------------------->
<!-------------------------Featured Article of the Week Section Ends----------------------->
<!-------------------------Featured Article of the Week Section Ends----------------------->
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==Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)==  
==Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)==  
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Creating an Ad component in LWUIT|image=Asha_main.png|width=150|week=Week 45th- November 3rd 2013}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|How to send a message to a given port as SMS with Java ME|image=Withtext1.png|width=150|week=Week 46th- November 10th 2013}}
  <!-------------------------Video Section Ends---------------------->
  <!-------------------------Video Section Ends---------------------->
<!--------------------------Right column ends-------------------------->
<!--------------------------Right column ends-------------------------->

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COM winner for October: Glenn Versweyveld

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Glenn Versweyveld (Depechie ) has been selected as COM winner for October.

Over the last few months Glenn has written a number of really interesting and useful articles. The wiki moderation team were particularly impressed by Tabbed interface with Pivot animation for Windows Phone, which shows how to create the kind of "tabbed" UI found in the Windows Phone Twitter app.

We also like How to keep a UI element in view when scrolling a page in Windows Phone and Image scrolling synced with large text scrolling which show different approaches to displaying images alongside text. He is continuing the theme with Image manipulation to show more text (still in draft).

We'll be sending Glenn a Nokia Lumia 925 in the next few days! Please join me in congratulating him on the discussion boards.

Next month we've got another great Lumia device for our Wiki Contributor of the Month. That could be one of our great contributors from last month or it could be you: all you need to do is contribute useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or significantly shape up the existing ones!

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Thank you to the community members who contributed last week (image courtesy of Wordle). In particular kiran10182 fixed up a huge number of links to Nokia Projects while saramgsilva created 10 new articles and translations. Note also the new articles by dan.ardelean (Retrieve pitch and roll from the accelerometer data) and Depechie (Image manipulation to show more text).


For more detail see Wiki contributor of the week#04 November 2013

Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2


Healthcare is being revolutionized by the availability of inexpensive mobile phones that offer powerful processing and local networking features, such as Bluetooth, coupled with affordable devices for monitoring an individual’s key health indicators – heart rate, blood pressure, and alike.

In this wiki competition we want you to show us how far these possibilities can be taken on the Nokia Asha software platform using just the platform, or in combination with remote sensing devices. It’s your chance to make the world a healthier place.

Read more about this competition and participate.

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Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)

NFC Questions - a text based game for Windows Phone by pasi.manninen

NFCQuestions ss03 480x800.png

This article explains how to use Near Field Communication (NFC) to create text based "game" in Windows Phone 8.

See Featured Articles for other great articles from the community.

Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)

How to send a message to a given port as SMS with Java ME by skalogir


This code example demonstrates how to use the Wireless Messaging API in order to send a text message to a specific port. Specifying the port number is of high importance when you use this application in combination with another application that listens to the same port for incoming messages. The device's AMS (Application Management Software), can also assign a port to a given application and launch that application via PushRegistry when a message arrives.

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