Please note that as of October 24, 2014, the Nokia Developer Wiki will no longer be accepting user contributions, including new entries, edits and comments, as we begin transitioning to our new home, in the Windows Phone Development Wiki. We plan to move over the majority of the existing entries. Thanks for all your past and future contributions.

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Welcome to the Nokia Developer Wiki, home to 9075 community created articles, code examples, and other resources for developing on Nokia's Windows Phone (Lumia), Nokia Asha and HERE Location platforms (and all our other service and legacy platforms too).

The wiki is easy to use, but if you do need help there is plenty of guidance in the Help or from our discussion board. Content improvements are welcomed, and significant contribution is rewarded through the Wiki Contributor of the Month program.

You can use the search box above (or site search) to find specific topics. Alternatively browse through categories listed below.

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Contributors of the Week

Thank you to the community members who contributed last week (image courtesy of Wordle). Particular thanks to Olivier Matis (GuruuMeditation ) for his 2 new articles and to kiran10182 who has been ensuring that when Nokia Projects closes, source will remain available for wiki examples.


For more detail see Wiki contributor of the week#07 October 2013

COM winner for September: Oliver Ulm

Green Ribbon.gif

Oliver Ulm (SB Dev ) has been selected as COM winner for the month of September.

Oliver has written a few really useful articles (App deployment options for Windows Phone, How to get the device IP addresses on Windows Phone). In addition he has retested and updated a large number of Windows Phone 7 articles to Windows Phone 8, and provided thorough and detailed editorial correction and technical improvements to others. Finally, he has given excellent technical feedback on a number of new posts (like How to terminate a Windows Phone app), enabling the authors to deliver much more useful and readable articles.

Contributor of the month is usually awarded to wiki contributors who have been active for several months, if only because it usually takes some months for new contributors to develop the skills to create great articles. Oliver is an exceptional exception to this rule!

We'll be sending him a Nokia Lumia 720 and a Monster Headset. Please join me in congratulating him on the discussion boards.

Next month we've got another great Lumia device for our Wiki Contributor of the Month. That could be one of our great contributors from last month or it could be you: all you need to do is contribute useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or significantly shape up the existing ones!

Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2


Healthcare is being revolutionized by the availability of inexpensive mobile phones that offer powerful processing and local networking features, such as Bluetooth, coupled with affordable devices for monitoring an individual’s key health indicators – heart rate, blood pressure, and alike.

In this wiki competition we want you to show us how far these possibilities can be taken on the Nokia Asha software platform using just the platform, or in combination with remote sensing devices. It’s your chance to make the world a healthier place.

Read more about this competition and participate.

Want an Asha 501?

Asha main.png

If your Nokia Asha article is "Featured" for the coming weeks you get an Asha 501 - see the blog for more information!

More Announcements...

Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)

How to integrate store review into an app on Windows Phone by pavan.pareta

AboutPage closedAppBar.png

This article shows how to integrate "rate application" ("marketplace review") functionality into a Windows Phone application.

See Featured Articles for other great articles from the community.

Featured Article of the Week (Nokia Asha)

Content Handling with Maps API for Java ME by symbianyucca


This article explains how to add different types of content to the Map when using the HERE Maps API for Java ME. Removing content and other content functionality is also dealt with in this article.

See Featured Articles for other great articles from the community.

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