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Welcome to the Nokia Developer Wiki, home to 9071 community created articles, code examples, and other resources for developing on Nokia's Windows Phone (Lumia), Nokia Asha and HERE Location platforms (and all our other service and legacy platforms too).

The wiki is easy to use, but if you do need help there is plenty of guidance in the Help or from our discussion board. Content improvements are welcomed, and significant contribution is rewarded through the Wiki Contributor of the Month program.

You can use the search box above (or site search) to find specific topics. Alternatively browse through categories listed below.

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Contributors of the Week

Thanks to the community members who contributed over the last week (image courtesy of Wordle). In particular saramgsilva and bintk for their Portuguese and Arabic translations and this_is_ridiculous for his excellent new article.


For more detail see Wiki contributor of the week#20 May 2013

COM winner for April: Marcos Fabio Pereira

Green Ribbon.gif

Marcos Fabio Pereira (mfabiop ) has been selected as COM winner for the month of April.

Marcos created a number of articles including the very useful How to use SQLite in Windows Phone (and its translation to Portuguese - Como usar o SQLite no Windows Phone). He has also written about How to write a state machine to handle speech recognition and a series of articles on connecting and using the Arduino hardware platform on both Windows Phone and the Nokia Asha software platform: Windows Phone 8 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth, Windows Phone 8 comunicando com Arduino usando Bluetooth, Series 40 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth, Simple home automation project with a Windows Phone 8 an Arduino and a TV.

Marcos has every reason to be proud - he was up against the toughest competition in many months, with great articles and translations from bintk , cadlg , vinayppatil and somnathbanik . What set him apart this month was that he also reviewed other developers work and provided helpful constructive criticism to help them improve their work.

We'll be sending Marcos a a bright red Lumia 820. Please join me in congratulating him on the discussion boards.

Next month we've got another bright red Lumia 820 for our Wiki Contributor of the Month. That could be you - all you need to do is contribute useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or significantly shape up the existing ones!

Marketing in a Box Wiki Competition is now complete

Series 40 Webinars - Contribute and Win Competition 2013Q1 with Marketing in a Box is now complete and winners have been announced. We highly recommend you check out the winning articles as they are truly outstanding: Getting the most out of Marketing In a Box (cadlg ) and Integrating your social presence with the Digital Marketing Toolkit website (jappit ).

We hope cadlg and jappit enjoy their brand new Nokia Asha 311 and Nokia 808 PureView. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

More Announcements...

Featured Article of the Week

Porting MIDlets from Symbian to Nokia Asha by skalogir


This article provides instructions on how to port existing MIDlets written for Symbian to Nokia Asha software platform.

See Featured Articles for other great articles from the community.

Featured Video of the Week

With a membership in the Nokia Premium Developer Program, you're provided a free license to the entire suite of Telerik RadControls. These controls are designed to decrease the development time for your Nokia Lumia apps and to help increase their ratings in the Windows Phone Store. Over 40 custom are included and they are already used by a number of publishers with top-selling apps. The controls offers a wide range of capabilities to complement the stock UI toolbox, such as powerful animations, data visualisation, and design templates.

In this Lumia App Lab Michael Crump, an evangelist with Telerik, gives you a brief overview of RadControls for Windows Phone, including interaction controls for animations, charting, and trial reminders; productivity controls, including diagnostics; and design controls, including Windows Phone Design Language templates and hub tile controls. Then Michale illustrates how to use the control and development techniques in coding demonstrations.

The media player is loading...

A downloadable copy of the slides from the session can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/nokia-developer/lumia-app-lab-getting-started-with-telerik-rad-controls

For more details visit http://www.telerik.com/products/windows-phone.aspx and get your Premium Developer Program membership here: https://www.developer.nokia.com/Developer_Programs/Premium_program.xhtml

Check out details of the other Lumia App Labs, including the future schedule, here: https://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Windows_Phone/Learn/

See Featured Videos for other great videos from the community.

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