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Windows Phone development - useful links

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This article shows a Nokia Developer Resources and list of few great MSDN resources on Windows Phone 7 development.

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Nokia Developer Resources

There are many good resources for Windows Phone in Nokia Developer site and it is keep increasing day by day. There are below sections for Windows Phone in Nokia Developer site to help you in Windows Phone development.

Nokia Developer Section Description
Wiki for Windows Phone Contains articles and tutorials on developing for Windows Phone and porting to Windows Phone.
Discussion Board for Windows Phone Ask any question related to Windows Phone development on Windows Phone DiBo
Projects for Windows Phone Find Project for Windows Phone hosted on Nokia Developer Project , Online project hosting site.
Code Examples for Windows Phone Find the complete full source code of some Windows Phone application

Free Books and Magazines

These are free eBooks and Magazines that focus on Windows Phone Programming :

MSDN Resources

Note that here are other useful links on the Windows Phone area of this site, and a similar list on MSDN : How-To Index for Windows Phone.

Getting Started

Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Emulator

Windows Phone Performance Analysis

Deploying and Testing on Your Windows Phone

Fundamental Concepts

Execution Model for Windows Phone

Frame and Page Navigation

Local Data Storage

Networking and Web Services



Common Application Development Tasks



Globalization and Localization

Common Application Development Tasks

Camera and Photos


Push Notifications

WebBrowser Control


  • Color Table : This is an overview of HTML, RGB, HSL and System colors.
  • HTML Color Table : Colors supported by Internet Explorer 4.0 and later.
  • Colors by Name : Alphabetical list of colors with names and their respective hexadecimal values.
  • Colors by Hue : Color list sorted by hue.
  • Colors Class: This article has a very compact table of colors with names and their respective hexadecimal values.


Application Features

Windows Phone Marketplace

Code Samples

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