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Working with Carbide.c++ IDE for Qt Mobility APIs

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Tip.pngTip: Read this article before moving forward: Setting up environment for Qt Mobility API



This article is a base for creating a new project to work with Qt Mobility APIs in this series. The subsequent articles are based on the project template explained in this article.


In this series, Carbide.c++ v2.4 is used as an IDE. At the time of writing, Carbide.c++ v2.4 does not come with a single installation package. User needs to first download Carbide.c++ v2.3. Once downloaded, upgrade it to Carbide.c++ v2.4 as shown in the following points.


Create a new Qt project from Carbide.c++ as shown in this image


Select a Qt GUI Widget project type as shown in this image


Create a new project by providing a name as shown in the following image


Select a preferred SDK from the available SDKs supported by Qt


Proceed with the next step. Press "Next" with the default selection as shown below


Press Finish

Tip.pngTip: At the time of writing, there is a small issue with the Qt for Symbian project creation in the Carbide.c++ v2.4 with the randomly generated UID. With the new project creation, it should generate Random UID by default but it does not. To make sure it creates a new random UID with each new project, press on "Random" button as shown in the following image.


Articles in this series

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