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Working with Windows Phone devices with 256 MB of memory

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This article provides an introdction to the information you need to make the post of Windows Phone devices with 256 MB of memory, such as the Nokia Lumian 610.'

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Tested with
SDK: Windows Phone SDK 7.1 with the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 - CTD
Devices(s): Nokia Lumia 610
Platform(s): Windows Phone 7.5
Windows Phone 7.5
Device(s): Windows Phone products with 256 MB of memory
Created: JustinA (26 Feb 2012)
Last edited: rebloor (28 Feb 2012)


At Moble World Congress, the first Nokia smartphone offering the 256-MB low-memory configuration of Windows Phone is here: The Nokia Lumia 610. The beauty of this phone is its cost. Nearly 75% of mobile phone customers own feature phones and delivering an affordable smartphone gives them a real opportunity to take their first step to becoming a smartphone owner. Bottom line is the Nokia Lumia means more markets, more consumers, and more app downloads. Read more about the Nokia Lumia 610 launch > Having less memory does however mean that there will be less memory available to your apps. So how do you ensure your apps will offer the same amazing Windows Phone experience on the Nokia Lumia 610. In this, my first post in the new Windows Phone blog, I want to guide you through some best practices that will take you on the road to becoming a 236MB Windows Phone code ninja.

Before we get started, if you haven’t already done so. download the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1. This updated version of the SDK includes tools you will use to target your apps as 256 MB phones, tools I will talk about more shortly. Download the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 > Before I get into the meant about the best practices, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of apps will just work on 256 MB devices. (We know because we have been testing a range of apps during the development of the Lumia 610.) So you may wonder why you should bother with the best practices at all, because we want to make sure you maximize your opportunities and by ensuring your app will work on a 256 MD phone you increase the potential for downloads. We will be providing more details on these best practices in the Nokia Developer wiki shortly, but (keeping it brief as I know you will want to start preparing your apps for the Nokia Lumia 610) this is what you should do:

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