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Xamarin Mobile and Windows Phone 8

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This simple and short article aims to introduce the Xamarin libraries for WP8 platform.

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Platform(s): Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8
Created: Aady (18 Mar 2013)
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Xamarin.Mobile is a library that provides developers with a set of APIs for performing generic mobile functionality across various mobile platforms like WP, iOS & Android. Developers can also use the native APIs.

In addition, now developers can build native iOS and Android apps using C# code. Use your existing C# code and create cross platform applications using Xamarin, thus reducing your time to develop and improvise on time to market.

API Features:

This documentation will provide an in depth understanding of how to create cross platform application using Xamarin: http://docs.xamarin.com/guides/cross-platform/application_fundamentals/building_cross_platform_applications

In the road map ahead, Xamarin plans to include notifications and accelerometer APIs.

References: xamarin.com

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