Nokia Create Contest FAQs

1. What is Nokia Create?

Nokia Create is a global competition to develop apps for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8. It's your chance to win prizes that will help you and your apps stand out. There are 15 missions built around 8 categories, so whether your skills lie in imaging, gaming or something entirely different, there's an opportunity to win.

2. Why should I participate in Nokia Create?

Nokia Create is your chance to win prizes that will help you and your app get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Prize packages include trips to events, devices, promotions, credit for ad campaigns, and more. There will be 151 winners and you could be one of them!

3. What’s the difference between Categories, Master Missions and Mini Missions? And what about the Do Good Mission?

Categories are the 8 focus areas for the competition: Image & Photo, Music, Maps & Places, NFC, Fun & Games, Work Life, Cross-8 and Freestyle. Around these focus areas, we have built a series of 15 Missions (or briefs) for app development. They range from simpler ones called Mini Missions, mainly focused on updating existing apps, to more complex ones called Master Missions which entail creating a new app from scratch or porting one from another platform to Windows Phone 8. . Both new and updated apps can be entered into the Do Good Mission, and no matter which of the 8 categories they fall under, as long as they have been created or updated to help visually impaired people. The complexity of each brief also determines its duration and prizes.

4. Is the competition open to anyone?

Yes, this is a global competition open to all developers. Terms and conditions apply.

5. Where and when can I enter the Nokia Create competition?

The competition is now open. You can enter via nokia.ly/create. You will be asked to create a profile. After that you will be able to submit apps to the different Missions.

Note that the apps need to be published to Windows Phone Store within the Mission submission period. Not sooner and not later.

The submission period varies for each Mission:

  • Master Missions: 12 September, 9am PST, to 15 December, 11:59pm PST.
  • Mini Missions 1 & 2: 12 September, 9am PST, to 30 September, 11:59pm PST.
  • Mini Missions 3 & 4: 1 October, 9am PST, to 31 October, 11:59pm PST.
  • Mini Missions 5 & 6: To be announced.
  • Do Good Mission: 1 October, 9am PST, to 15 December, 11:59pm PST.

6. Do the apps need to be published in Store by the deadline or just submitted to QA?

Apps need to be published in Store by the deadline, so please make sure you submit the app with enough time for it to go through the QA process.

7. Do I have to enter all the Missions to win?

No, you can enter as many (or few) Master or Mini Missions as you like. But the more Missions you enter, the more prizes you can win.

8. Can I submit the same app to more than one Mission?

Usually one new app will only fit the brief of one of the Master Missions or the Do Good Mission. But if you updated it later, you can submit the same app to as many Mini Missions as you like as long as the update fits the Mini Mission briefs. For example,

  • If you create a new app from scratch, which in its 1st version is heavily focused on Imaging, you could enter the Image & Photo Master Mission;
  • If shortly after that you also add NFC functionalities, you could submit the same app to the NFC Mini Mission.
  • If you then update it again to add elements of Nokia Music to your app, you can also enter it to the Music Mini Mission.
  • If you then improve it again to make it accessible to the visually impaired, you can also enter the Do Good Mission.
  • And so on.

9. How often are Mini Missions announced?

Mini Missions are announced every few weeks. Make sure you keep an eye on the competition website and our social media channels. When you register for Nokia Create you can also sign up to our Newsletter, which will keep you updated on all the Nokia Create announcements.

10. When will each of the Master and Mini Missions winners be announced? And the Do Good Mission winner and the Grand Prize winner?

The winners of the Mini Missions will be announced shortly after the Mini Mission deadline. We will do our best to make the announcements as quickly as possible, but it may vary from one Mini Mission to another. The winners of the Master Missions, the Do Good Mission and the Grand Prize winner will be announced in January 2014.

11. What guidelines should I follow for an accessible app I'd like to submit for the Do Good Mission?

  • All icons should be large and incorporate a simple design.
  • Text should be large and ideally adjustable.
  • If you support adjustable text, be sure that even when text is at its smallest it's easy to see how to make it larger.
  • Simplify the words in your text; avoid technical or academic language.
  • Good UX design is even more important for an accessible app. Simplify flow and eliminate clicks whenever possible.
  • Ensure high contrast between foreground and background and don't use transparency in your overlays. You can check colour contrast here: http://snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html
  • Avoid colour pairs many people can't distinguish because of colour blindness. The most common colour blindness is the inability to distinguish red from green.

12. What’s the judging criteria and who will select the winners?

The judges will be looking for uniqueness, quality and functionality and likelihood of having consumer appeal. The winning apps will also make the most of the available technology and Nokia Lumia devices.

Note that for the apps to be judged they need to be in English, available worldwide, and if it’s a paid app, a free version needs to be available; the free version will be the one that’s judged.

The judging panels will vary for each Mission to ensure the apps are judged by the people with experience that’s relevant to each Mission. In the case of the Do Good Mission, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) will also be involved in the judging process.

13. How can I get in touch with the Nokia Create team?

You can get in touch with the team via Twitter on @nokiadeveloper. Once you have registered, you will also be able to communicate directly with the team via your Nokia Create submissions portal.

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