HERE API and HERE app launchers

Features and capabilities

The map and location capabilities available to your Windows Phone 8 apps are provided as APIs and a set of app-to-app custom protocol URIs.

  • Windows Phone 8 Maps API
    These APIs enable you to find and track a phone’s location, perform location searches, lookup location information, and add maps with custom overlays to your apps. The API delivers these features in three groups:
    • Controls that provide a map control to which you can add layers to show additional information such as points of interest or a route.
    • Services that provide features such as searching, location information, address details, reverse geocoding, and route queries and details.
    • Geolocation to access the phones current location either for one time details or to track the phone’s location.
  • HERE app Launchers
    Using the launchers you can pass location information, such as start point and destinations, to one of the three HERE location apps available on Nokia Lumia smartphones. Using this process you can offer your users features such as Drive guidance, Walk guidance, Directions, Explore maps, Places, and Public transit directly from your app.

Get HERE API keys

Example app — Map Explorer

Map Explorer is a simple Silverlight app that demonstrates use of the Windows Phone 8 Maps API. The app enables the user to change properties of the map (such as cartographic mode, pitch, and heading) through controls in the main page, with additional options provided in the app’s menu. It also demonstrates features such as retrieving and displaying the phone’s current location on the map, searching the map for a keyword, and displaying a route and directions.

Read more about the Map Explorer example ›
Download the full source code ›


Complete documentation of the Windows Phone 8 Maps API and HERE app Launchers are provided in the Lumia Developer’s Library. A dedicated section provides a quick start guide, launchers reference, API methods references and details of the objects they return, and example apps.

Read the location APIs and launchers documentation in the Lumia Developer’s Library ›


In addition to the information provided in the Lumia Developer’s Guide, you can also get a great introduction and see worked examples of the Windows Phone 8 Maps API from Lumia App Labs episode 13, HERE Maps and location APIs.

View and download the session’s slides ›

You may also be interested in Lumia App Labs episode 9: Developing Windows Phone 8 apps. with file and URI associations, which provides details on the use of app-to-app custom protocols.


  • The Windows Phone 8 Maps API and HERE launchers are available free of charge for all developers.
  • Developers can use the APIs and library for any applications published in Windows Phone Store.
  • For more details, see the full terms and conditions.
  • Please ensure that your application uses a valid Application ID and Authentication Token.