MixRadio API

The MixRadio API is a collection of web service and C# APIs you can use to add elements from the MixRadio (formerly Nokia Music) service to your apps. You can display music content such as charts, gigs, and mixes within your apps and use app-to-app custom protocols to integrate with the MixRadio Windows Phone app to provide a complete listening experience.

When you use the MixRadio API to build your apps, your users can find music from:

  • over 200 countries.
  • over 3 million global and local artists.
  • over 20 million tracks.
  • over a century of recordings.

Note: The official SDK documentation can be found on the MixRadio developer site.

Read the MixRadio documentation

Download the MixRadio SDK

Visit the consumer MixRadio site ›

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Features and capabilities

The MixRadio API provides two main capabilities:

  • Launchers
    The launchers enable your app to pass information to the MixRadio app on a Lumia smartphone or open a fallback web page on other Windows Phone devices to:
    • search for music.
    • show artist details.
    • show gigs nearby.
    • show available mixes.
    • show product details.
    • play a mix.
  • API methods
    The API methods enable you to perform tasks directly within your apps, and integrated MixRadio content with your apps’ look and feel, including:
    • search for an artist
    • search for a product (such as album, single, or track).
    • get search suggestions.
    • get top artists.
    • get top products.
    • get products by an artist.
    • get new releases.
    • get a list of genres.
    • get artist details (such as name, country, location, genre, and thumbnails).
    • get product details (such as name, category, genre, performers, prize, and thumbnails)
    • get artist recommendations.
    • get product recommendations.
    • get artists around a location.
    • get a list of available mixes.
    • get the user’s play history.
    • get the user’s top artists for the week.

Example apps

You can experience the capabilities of the MixRadio API and review the code used to deliver those experiences with the following examples:

  • MixRadio Test App
    This definitive example app delivering an easily understandable and comprehensive learning experience on MixRadio API.
  • Music Explorer
    This example app demonstrates the use of MixRadio API together with standard Windows Phone 8 audio features to create an immersive music experience.
  • Bands Around
    This example app demonstrates the use of MixRadio API together with the Windows Phone 8 Map control to create a location-aware music app.


Complete documentation of the MixRadio API is provided on the MixRadio developer site. A dedicated section provides a quick start guide, launchers reference, API methods references and details of the objects they return, and example apps.

Read the API documentation


In addition to the information provided in the SDK documentation, you can also get a great introduction and see worked examples of the Nokia Music (now MixRadio) launcher and APIs from Lumia App Labs episode 6: Using the Nokia Music Windows Phone APIs.

View and download the session’s slides ›


  • The MixRadio API is available free of charge.
  • Developers can use the library for any applications published in Windows Phone Store.

Download the MixRadio SDK