Once you’ve finished developing your Nokia Lumia app, it’s time to publish it and make sure that consumers find it.


Get your app the attention it deserves with DVLUP, our developer rewards program. Campaigns, a tool inside DVLUP, lets you book placement, marketing and advertising campaigns for your app in exchange for points you’ve earned while developing your app. Here’s what some developers who have used this tool, have to say about the results

During this [DVLUP] promotion, making the app free, and getting globally featured in the No. 1 spot gave me 25,000 downloads in 2 days. I also briefly made it to the top spot in paid apps on Windows Phone. Bill Reiss (Read the story)
I saw a 2,000 percent increase in revenue and a 4,000 percent increase in downloads during my featured spots.Jeff Chappo (Watch the video)

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Windows Phone Store badge

The Windows Phone Store badge provides official branding assets to help you market your Windows Phone app, and to help your customers find it. This badge has been shown to improve app awareness and downloads.
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Marketing beyond the app store

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