Success stories

Developers worldwide are unlocking success with great applications for Nokia Lumia. We take pride in sharing these success stories here. Watch these videos to learn from their experience and get inspired to create your own success.


Madrid-based developers Joe Fernandez and Pablo Moncunill won the Nokia Create Grand Prize with their app Pikura.
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4Blend HDR

4Blend HDR: A Windows Phone success story

From its origins in a Wiki contest, 4Blend HDR has become one of the most successful imaging apps available for Windows Phone. Developer Sebastiano Gallazo tells the story from contest entry to 400k downloads and the newly released Version 2 of his app, including the roles DVLUP and Nokia Developer played in 4Blend’s success.

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Artifex Mundi

Artifex Mindi: A Windows Phone success story

Poland-based Artifex Mundi has mastered the art of hidden-object games, discovering great success in the Windows Phone Store in the process. Their most popular game, Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart, has generated almost 1 million downloads and 40,000 copies of the game have been sold.
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Smart Resize

Smart Resize: A Windows Phone success story

Rudi Chen and Shida Li, students and developers from Canada, traveled to Abu Dhabi as part of their prize for winning the Nokia Capture competition. Find out more about their journey to Nokia World and see their Smart Resize app in action.

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Game Insight

Game Insight: A Windows Phone success story

Recently, Game Insight, a developer and publisher of free-to-play games, saw its business grow with its first foray into developing games for Nokia devices and Windows Phone 8. Starting with city-builder My Country and role-playing adventure Rule the Kingdom, the company has already surpassed $500,000 in revenue from more than 700,000 Windows Phone 8 users this year.
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Rebellion: A Windows Phone success story

The team at Oxford-based game studio Rebellion has found rapid success on the Windows Phone platform. In particular, their intense zombie-shooter games for touch-screen devices are a huge hit with gamers worldwide.
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