HERE maps

HERE provides the maps and location services for the Nokia X software platform. The HERE Maps API enables the same functionality as Google Maps API, as well as additional functionality for utilizing HERE location-based services. To develop with HERE Maps, you will need to obtain an application identifier and an application token. If you have an application already utilizing Google Maps V1 or V2, porting is possible with almost no changes in the code by using the wrapper libraries provided with the SDK.

Read the HERE maps documentation   Get a HERE API test key

What to expect

We have ported a plethora of apps and have worked with developer partners on their apps. Every app is different and we have seen a lot of very easy, straight forward cases, but also some complicated cases. Based on this experience we can conclude that in regular cases the porting to HERE Maps can be separated to the following five logical steps. In an average, straight forward case, this should take less than one hour.

HERE API test key generation

Please generate a key to test HERE API in your app. To access production HERE API keys, please visit the publish system.

Note that you are responsible for storing the key details after key creation.