Nokia In-App Payment

Nokia In-App Payment offers simple, seamless integration of a payment event into an app published on Nokia Store. With Nokia In-App Payment integrated into your apps, consumers are able to purchase additional digital content from anywhere within the app. You define the content that the customer can purchase, as well as its price and description, using the Nokia publishing system (Nokia Publish).

Read the Nokia In-App Payment documentation

What to expect

We have ported a plethora of apps and have worked with developer partners on their apps. Every app is different and we have seen a lot of very easy, straight forward cases, but also some complicated cases. Based on this experience we can conclude that in regular cases the porting to Nokia In-App Payments can be separated to the following seven logical steps. In an average, straight forward case, this should take less than two hours.

  • Read the developer guide
  • Read the porting guide
  • If not already registered, register to publish portal and create content item for application
  • Create products to publish portal and wait for publishing products
  • Implement source code changes
  • Implement product mapping to be able to use same product names with Google and Nokia APIs
  • End to end testing