In the fastest growing smartphone markets, credit-card penetration is quite low compared to more established smartphone markets.



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This excludes many people from traditional billing methods for mobile apps. To make payments easy, safe and seamless for consumers – and to maximize conversions for developers – direct operator billing plays a crucial role.

With operator billing, payments are billed directly to a user’s mobile account. Over the years, Nokia has built an extensive operator billing network worldwide, and this network covers 3 out of 4 mobile subscribers in the Nokia X family target markets.

On current Nokia feature phones, 99% of app revenue comes through operator billing. Nokia research has shown an up-to-fivefold increase in average revenues, and a 10-fold increase in paid transactions over credit-card billing, when operator billing is activated in a market.

In-App Advertising

Free apps often rely on advertising or paid subscriptions to generate revenue. A benefit of using in-app advertising is that you can combine it with other business models. For example, you can offer users the ability to remove ads either by paying a fee via in-app purchasing or by buying the full version of your app.

Use the solution that suits your needs

With the Nokia X family of devices you can leverage a multitude of popular advertising solutions already supported by Android. We recommend you explore existing in-app advertising solutions and find the best one for your needs. Your choice of in-app advertising solutions may be driven by developer preference, the type of app you have, or the geography of your users. Many developers use multiple in-app advertising solutions interchangeably.

Test ad solutions with DVLUP

DVLUP Challenges regularly utilize some of the leading advertising solutions. Test those solutions with your apps, and be sure to register for a DVLUP account to earn XP you can redeem for rewards.

Nokia In-App Payment

Nokia In-App Payment combines the effectiveness of operator billing with the ability to use the freemium business model, which currently generates over 90% of all app revenues. This powerful combination creates the best possible opportunity to monetize your apps in growth markets.

Benefits of Nokia In-App Payment:

  • Familiar, safe & localized purchasing experience using single click payment
  • Access to Nokia Store’s vast operator billing network (160+ operators in 60+ countries)
  • A true 70/30 split (free of any additional operator specific charges)
  • Easy to port to, integrate and maintain
  • Advanced transaction analytics integrated into your Nokia Store Dashboard

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Coming soon: Nokia Try and Buy

With Try and Buy, developers are able to offer a time or usage restricted version of their app that allows users to purchase the app after the trial has expired. Based on our analysis of consumer behaviour in Nokia Store trials, Try and Buy provided 9 times more revenue than the traditional pay per download model.

Benefits of Nokia Try and Buy:

  • Builds on the same infrastructure and experience as Nokia In-App Payment utilizing operator billing
  • No changes to your code needed
  • Flexible configuration (time and/or usage)

Nokia Try and Buy will be available soon. We are currently piloting the solution with a limited number of developers.

Interested in participating? Please send us an email with details about your app and the reason you would like to participate in piloting our solution.

Information on business models

Our Nokia Insights report, “Business Models 101” is available to help you understand what business models are available and suitable for your app.

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