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Nokia X apps are distributed through the Nokia Store, a popular and powerful store that delivers more than 14 million downloads per day and growing, and supports operator billing in more than 60 markets.

You can publish your app in Nokia Store with Nokia Publish Tool through an easy publishing flow.

Go to the Publish tool

Publish Your App in Five Easy Steps

  1. Register to become a publisher if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Go to the Nokia Publish tool.
  3. Upload your installation file and add app metadata, such as name, icons, screen shots, and descriptions. You can use the same metadata that you already have for your app in Google Play.
  4. Select the devices, countries and languages to which you want to distribute your app.
  5. Submit your app for our Quality Assurance (QA) review. Plan for a turnaround time of three to four business days.

Once your content receives QA approval, it is pushed live to the Nokia Store content servers through a scheduled export process. Through your Nokia Publish account, you can view daily reports on downloads, sales, and estimated revenues. You are paid on a monthly basis once you’ve accumulated more than 100 euros in actual revenue.

Note that there is a different publishing flow used to publish apps in China, where Nokia X China Store is used instead of Nokia Store. For more information, see

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Deep linking to Nokia Store on Nokia X

Application deep linking allows you to guide the user directly to your application in the Nokia Store. Read more about this feature on our wiki.