Lumia - 4oD
Jan 2014

Developed for Windows Phone, this app enables UK users to catch up on 30 days worth of programming from Channel 4, E4 and More4. Users can search for programs by keyword, choose from an alphabetical list, or browse programs by category. The app also includes some of the most memorable programs from the last 30 years.


  • The user interface is high contrast and well aligned with the Channel 4 brand.
  • The application uses the brands’ distinctive font for panel headers, and the native Segoe font ensuring a clean, light, and open look.
  • Buttons, dialogues and iconography all use the default Modern UI look.
  • Lightweight photography is used throughout the app to entice users and improve discovery.


  • The application opens with a vertical list containing program recommendations. Users can swipe through a series of panels to reach remaining sections containing access to Catch-up TV and a list of all programs grouped alphabetically and by category.
  • Tapping an item opens a detail view in the case of a program, or drills-down to a list of programs in the case of a series or category. Once in detail view, users can read the program description or tap a thumbnail to launch the video. They can also swipe to access a panel containing a list of related programs.
  • Users can perform a keyword search by tapping an icon on the application bar. They can also easily access recent programming by tapping useful categories such as “Today”, “Yesterday” and “The past 30 days”.
  • Users can navigate back from all views using the dedicated hardware key.


  • Program sponsor logos are included where relevant and are positioned within an unobtrusive tile shape.