Lumia - Deezer
Jan 2014

Developed for Windows Phone, this app enables users to listen to millions of music tracks from around the world. Users can create playlists and receive hand-picked recommendations based on their listening habits.


  • The user interface is high contrast and well aligned with the Deezer brand.
  • The application uses the native Segoe font, ensuring a clean, light, and open look.
  • Buttons, dialogues and iconography all use the default Modern UI look.
  • Lightweight photography is used throughout the application to bring the albums and artists to life.


  • The application opens with a tiled list containing shortcuts to a user’s library of albums, playlists, favourites and daily music picks provided by the Deezer recommendation engine. From this screen, a user can swipe to access panels containing additional recommendations.
  • Users can search for artists by tapping an icon on the application bar. Search results are grouped by album or track and paired with icons for easy recognition. Selecting an artist from this list reveals a series of panels containing a track list, album details and an artist biography.
  • Users can also browse for music using a series of panels containing Deezer’s top 50 tracks, artists and albums.
  • Users can navigate back from all views using the dedicated hardware key.


  • Users can save a track or pin an artist to the home screen by tapping an icon on the application bar.