Lumia - eHarmony
Apr 2014

Developed for Windows Phone, this premium online dating service introduces users to some of the most amazing and compatible singles anywhere in the world. Users can sign up directly from their device and use it to discover new people and keep track of daily matches while on the go. The app really gets to know users, through an extensive questionnaire that is specially designed to be easily completed on a mobile phone.


  • The user interface is high contrast and well aligned with the eHarmony brand.
  • The application uses the native Segoe font ensuring a clean, light, and open look.
  • Buttons, dialogues and iconography all use the default Modern UI look.
  • The application also includes a collection of colourful, high contrast and lightweight illustrations that enable users to quickly spot topics they care about within each user profile.
  • Lightweight profile photos are also included to further entice users to explore and connect.


  • The application begins with registration, which involves completion of an extensive questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire is easy as it primarily includes multiple choice questions and statements that the user must tap to indicate how much they ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’. This ensures registration is fun, and easy to complete on a mobile device.
  • Once logged-in, the application’s four primary sections can be reached by swiping through a series of tabs. Many tabs also contain secondary options, which users can discover by swiping within the tab view.
  • The Matches view enables users to explore a tiled list of their matches. Each tile contains a thumbnail and basic data such as the person’s name and location.
  • Tapping a thumbnail opens that user’s detail view. This view contains user photos and a wealth of information, presented through a well-organised and colourful layout.
  • Users can connect with a match by tapping an icon on the application bar. To encourage an initial chat and improve usability on mobile, this first view includes a list of twenty common pre-formed questions. Users can tap to choose questions they wish to send, and if they wish, augment them with a short message.
  • The Conversations view includes a chat-style interface that enables users to send short messages.
  • The Profile view enables users to review and modify their extensive profile description. The view also includes a progress bar to entice users to augment their profile by adding additional photos or completing additional topics.
  • Users can navigate back from all views using the dedicated hardware key.


  • The application also enables users to store preferred matches in a section entitled “what if”, or permanently hide matches that they are not interested in.