Lumia - McDonald’s
Lumia - McDonald’s
Jun 2014

Developed for Windows Phone, this application enables users to discover McDonald’s locations nearby, create their own meal combinations, discover the nutritional information behind their favourite meals and enjoy and browse the latest UK offers and promotions.


  • The user interface is high contrast and well aligned with the McDonald’s brand.
  • The application uses the native Segoe font ensuring a clean, light, and open look.
  • Buttons, dialogues and iconography all use the default Modern UI look.
  • Beautiful, yet lightweight photography is used throughout the app to bring menu items to life.


  • The application opens with a list of promoted content such as menu offers for students, and a guide to in-store Wi-Fi. Users can swipe to access additional sections containing menus, a meal planner and a map of nearby restaurants.
  • Users can tap items within the map view to discover detailed information about each location. Users can swipe to browse each location’s address, opening hours, and review a list of facilities at that location. Users can also receive turn-by-turn direction by tapping an icon on the application bar. Other application bar options at this level include the ability to favourite a location and pin it to the start screen.
  • Tapping the menu tile leads to a view containing a grid of menu categories such as Chicken and Salads. Users can tap these to discover the full range of individual menu items. Each meal item is introduced using high-resolution photography, and users can swipe to access nutritional information as well as allergen warnings. Users can also tap an icon on the application bar to filter menu items by allergen type.
  • Users can navigate back from all views using the dedicated hardware key.


  • The application also includes a QR code reader, enabling users to easily take advantage of in-store promotions.