Lumia - Weight Story
Weight Story
Mar 2014

Developed for Windows Phone, this app helps users track their weight using photos and easy to read visualisations. Once users set a target weight and date, they can use the app to chart their progress and obtain motivation to help them reach their goal.


  • The user interface is high contrast and well aligned with the Weight Story brand.
  • The application uses the native Segoe font ensuring a clean, light, and open look.
  • Buttons, dialogues and iconography all use the default Modern UI look.


  • The application opens with a tiled list containing a menu of key sections such as a weight journal, progress charts and the user profile.
  • Users can swipe to view recent journal and progress entries or continue on to the Inspiration panel, which contains automatically generated motivational images. The user can customise these images by entering a hashtag representing something personal that will motivate them to lose weight.
  • Users can add or edit a journal entry by tapping an icon on the application bar. Each journal entry includes key data such as the date, their current weight and an optional photo.
  • Users can visualise their progress using the charts provided. These can be customised to show progress at common intervals such as week, month and year. Users can also swipe through views containing infographic-style visualisations depicting useful data such as their BMI, the average number of calories they burn per day, and the number of days left to reach their goal.
  • Users can navigate back from all views using the dedicated hardware key.


  • Users can also share journal entries with friends using social media.