Marketing your App

  1. General Questions
  2. Spotlight

1. General Questions

How do I maximize content visibility in Nokia Store?

Here are the best practices on how to market your application on the Nokia Store:

  • Screenshot images: Use the 3 screenshots to illustrate your application.
  • Category: Select the category that best describes your application. By selecting the relevant categorization tags, you make it is easier for users to find your content under the correct category.
  • Keyword: Select relevant keywords that consumers may use to search for your content in Nokia Store.
  • Spotlight promotion: Ensure your spotlight images are uploaded should your application be selected for Spotlight.
  • Marketing Tool: Create a high quality personalized banner to market your content.
  • Language and Country Distribution: Select the languages that the application supports under the ‘Distribution’ tab. Only English content can be distributed globally.

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2. Spotlight

What is Spotlight?

The Spotlight is a strategic promotional position in Nokia Store (Both Web and Mobile) which is used to highlight various content and apps to our consumers around the world.

What are the criteria for Spotlight?

While there is no set criteria for selection, content that is featured in the Spotlight is selected by Nokia personnel based on a number of key strategic variables. To ensure your content is considered for Spotlight treatment, please ensure you have the correct assets uploaded to Nokia Publish and the content has to be published in Nokia Store.

How will I know if my content is selected for Spotlight?

If your application is selected for Spotlight treatment, you will be notified in advance of the promotion.

Who can I contact to have my content Spotlighted?

You don’t have to contact anyone. Content that is featured in the Spotlight is selected by Nokia personnel based on a number of key strategic variables.

What are the different types of Spotlight?

There are many different types of Spotlight. Spotlight can be for specific region and device for the web and/or mobile Nokia Store. When your content is selected for Spotlight, you will be notified where and how your content will be Spotlighted.

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