Capture the Flag v2.0


Capture the Flag is a sample application demonstrating the use of Nokia X services on Nokia X software platform: HERE Maps, Nokia Notifications and Nokia In-App Payment. The application also implements the corresponding Google APIs and utilises them when the same APK file is installed on a Google services enabled phone. The detection of services is done run-time. OpenIAB is used to implement the in-app payment feature.

The app itself is based on the traditional outdoor game where two teams each have their own flags, which the opposing team then tries to capture. The flags in the game are randomly placed on the map within a fixed distance of the player creating the game. The team who manages to get to the flag of the opposing team first wins.

This demo application is hosted in GitHub ( where you can find the source code and documentation of the latest release.

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Nokia X, Nokia X2 and Google Android devices with API level 11 or higher

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