This page lists all design assets available for download.

Nokia Asha UI Toolkit

  • A collection of realistic UI views and components.
  • Can be used to create mockups which are close to the final visual result.
  • Contains drawing files representing the LCDUI and LWUIT components.
  • Available for:
    • Adobe Illustrator CS5.
    • Inkscape version 0.48 or above.


Nokia Asha Icon Toolkit

  • Includes:
    • Icon templates.
    • A collection of ready-to-use icons.
  • Available for:
    • Adobe Illustrator CS5.
    • Adobe Photoshop CS5.
    • Inkscape version 0.48 or above.
  • See the Iconography section for more information.


Paper prototype layouts

  • Create paper prototypes with correct dimensions in minutes.
  • Suites perfectly for pencil and rubber based designs.
  • Contains all main layouts
    • Canvas
    • Form
    • List
    • Alert
    • Keypads
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® and OpenDocument Presentation format.
  • Print single pages or rearrange items if you need more of a certain kind of view.


Example application

  • Demonstrates the different LCDUI components available for Nokia Asha.
  • The project is implemented as a MIDlet suite and the various examples are implemented as independent MIDlets.

DOWNLOAD and read more about the Nokia Asha UI component Demos.

Last updated 31 March 2014

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