Tip: The Nokia Asha Icon Toolkit contains icon templates and guidelines. In addition, ready CategoryBar icons are included.

PNG format

Nokia Asha devices require PNG (Portable Network Graphics) icon files. PNG is a bitmap image format that employs lossless data compression and can include transparencies.

PNG images can be created in bitmap-based software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks, or in vector-based programs with an optimised PNG saving option, such as Adobe Illustrator CS5. The guidelines included in the Icon toolkit also explain how to use Inkscape to create an icon.

Nokia Asha Fastlane icon and launcher icon basics

The Fastlane icons – icons that appear in a square shape on the Fastlane of the phone – are also used as launcher icons, i.e. the icons that appear in the Home view. The device software creates the launcher icons automatically by cropping the edges and applying a smooth surround shape to the icon background. Launcher icons represent the main applications within the device. These include pre-installed applications, such as Calendar, Camera, and Contacts, as well as third party applications, for example those downloaded from the Nokia Store.

The device software crops the square shape of the Fastlane icon to the surround shape of a launcher icon and applies the highlight rim. Size and appearance of the glyph stay exactly the same, so it is necessary to check that the created glyph fits nicely into both shapes, the square shape for Fastlane and the surround launcher icon shape. The Fastlane templates offer an additional layer to preview the appearance of the final launcher icon. This is especially useful when implementing a custom graphic.

List and toolbar icon basics

Two types of in-app icons are used:
  • A list icon which will accompany a text description in a menu list.
  • A toolbar icon which will appear without text on the Category bar.

In terms of style, list and toolbar icons are the simplest icons, and both appear as single colour pictograms. Although the basic pictogram of both icons is similar they have different bounding boxes and vary slightly in size. There are also different kinds of shadow rims applied only to toolbar icons.

Nokia Store submission icon

When submitting your application to the Nokia Store you need to provide your Fastlane icon increased to 256x256 pixel.

For this icon, a white glyph, shape, or logo, contoured within a 154x154 pixel focal zone is needed, which gets centered within a 256x256 pixel colored background and the boundary box.

Be aware when creating the icon, that the original icon (if in PSD) needs to be at least 256 pixels or bigger, before scaling it to the correct size of 256 pixel. If working with vector shapes (AI or Inkscape files) however, the icon can simply be scaled up or down to the correct size of 256x256 pixels.

Last updated 29 January 2014

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